I recently finished my second pair of Picnic Blanket socks by Curious Handmade. This pattern is from the Handmade Sock Society 4, published in 2021. Helen’s Handmade Sock Society collections are my favorite sock patterns. It’s my mission to knit every single sock pattern, and I’m well on my way!

In my Ravelry queue, I’ve matched all my Handmade Sock Society patterns with yarn in my stash. It’s super easy to just pluck the yarn from my stash, print the pattern and get started.

The Picnic Blanket sock pattern has been my favorite to knit with variegated yarn, because it has some interest on the cuff that doesn’t distract from the colorway. This yarn is from Explorer Knits + Fibers. The main color is Limoncello and the contrast color is Fresca. These colorways are from her Italian collection from 2020.

Each of Helen’s sock patterns come with a small, medium and large size. The small size fits me best, so that’s what I knit. I always change my heel flap to an eye of partridge pattern, because it fits my heel the best. It’s also very pretty.

I knit all my socks on US0, because it creates the fabric I prefer. I wet blocked these with Sewrella Yarn wool wash and placed them on sock blockers. I’m very happy with these. Although these are colors I don’t normally gravitate towards, I think these will be worn a lot. The colors are beautiful, and it’s nice to switch it up once in a while, don’t you think?

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