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2024 Carolina Fiber Fest

Welcome back, friends! It’s been a while since I’ve shared my knitting projects here. Back in March, I went to the Carolina Fiber Fest in Raleigh, NC and want to share my purchases. My mom and I go the festival every year, and it’s so much fun! We love visiting our favorite booths and finding new ones as well. Here’s what I purchased this year!

The first shop we stop at is always the Cottontail Farm booth. She has beautiful knitting notions, supplies and bags. I did not need another project bag, but I couldn’t resist the small one in the top picture. It’s the perfect size for a sock project. I also got a notion bag, a pattern keeper (so useful!!), a skein wrangler, two notion kits and some adorable stitch stoppers. The cat stitch stoppers look like our cat Zoe!

This skein of yarn is a new-to-me shop called Fangirl Fibers. She had beautiful yarn, and the names were inspired by tv pop culture. This skein called Christmas Tree Farm caught my eye. I only have a skein or two left of Christmas themed sock yarn, so I had to pick this up!

Is it even a trip to the Carolina Fiber Fest without a beautiful mini skein set from McMullin Fiber Co? I love her yarn so much! Her collections are beautiful and cohesive, and this neutral set had to come home with me. I’m not sure what I’ll use it for, but it will definitely be beautiful!

The Fiber Seed is another one of our favorite booths to visit! She makes gorgeous semi-solids in a literally every color you can think of. This skein is called Shell Factory, and it’s in her Sprout Sock base. I love this base, because she puts it up in 510 yard skeins!

I did good at this year’s Carolina Fiber Fest. I didn’t go too crazy. Typically, I have a project in mind for my purchases; however, this year, I just browsed to see what caught my eye. We’re already looking forward to next year’s Fiber Fest!


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