Welcome to my new knitting blog! If you have followed me on my other blog, Rebecca Lately, then you probably already know me. I previously had a hand-dyed yarn and fiber shop on Etsy and a blog and YouTube under the name the fibertopia. It was time for a new name and website, so I’ve started sharing my knitting content here on Sweetbay Knits. This is where I’ll share my current projects, stash additions, and finished objects. I will occasionally share my quilting and cross stitch content as well, but this will mostly be knitting!

My first blog post is all about my birthday cast on. Last week was my birthday. Every year, I started a new project for myself on my birthday. It is usually a sweater. This time, it’s a cardigan! It’s technically still a sweater (in my opinion).

For my birthday this year, I have cast on the Comfort Fade Cardi by Andrea Mowry. It has been in my queue for a long time, and last year I purchased a La Bien Aimée fade kit. The pattern calls for DK weight, and this fade kit is sport. I am crossing my fingers it will work out! Typically, my gauge is loose so I’ve gone down in my needle sizes. I am using US 3 and 2. I hope this will stretch a little with blocking. If it does, it will be the perfect size.

The size I cast on is 39. Currently, I am at the end of the second portion of the yoke repeats for the size 39. The next size up is 42.5, which I think my lower half will need. So, I’ve made the decision to do four more yoke repeats for the size 42.5 and continue on with the 42.5 directions.

My trouble with knitting patterns is that the length proportions are sometimes not petite friendly. I typically need shorter length but the width of a larger size. Hopefully these modifications will help it to fit properly. I am relying mostly on my gut and a little on math. 🙂

This is my first time knitting with La Bien Aimée yarn; although, I have quite a bit in my stash. The yarn feels so soft and it’s beautifully dyed. This fade kit has Game of Thrones-esque names. From bottom to top, we have Damask, Dusk, Patagonia, The North, and Winterfell. I chose this fade kit because these are colors I wear often.

I have my project in this gorgeous project bag from Handmades by Olivia. If you don’t follow her Instagram account (This Handmade Life), you absolutely should! She makes gorgeous project and notion bags. I purchased quite a few of her winter/Christmas bags. Since fall is my favorite season, I put my birthday project in it. There is also a coordinating notion pouch, not pictured.

Do you cast on a birthday project each year? I would love to hear about it, if you do.


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