Well, friends, so far this blog has been taken up with all my recent cast-ons! I suppose this blog is one large cast-on of a new hobby for me. 🙂 Before I move on to updating this blog with my recent YouTube episodes, I want to share the New Year’s Eve cast on for 2022.

I have only been doing a New Year’s Eve cast on for the past few years. It’s so fun to start a brand new project as we’re starting a brand new year. Typically, I like to choose a project I can use in the summer months, since that it most likely when I’ll finish the project.

This year’s New Year’s Eve cast on is Anker’s Summer Shirt (Ravelry Link) by Petite Knit. This has been in my queue for quite some time, and it’s the first Petite Knit pattern I’ve started. I am knitting it in Little Fox Yarn Linea in the colorway Gossamer. I have knit with Linea for one other project, and I’m taking everything I learned with that project to make my Anker’s Summer Shirt successful. My gauge for my previous Linea project was spot on before blocking, but it grew so much when I blocked it. That garment still fits, but it’s not the best fit.

For Anker’s Summer Shirt, I have gone down to a US4 and US2. The recommended needles sizes are US6 and US4. At the moment, I am at the beginning of the fifth rib section and the fabric is perfect. It’s just the way I like it, and I will be extremely careful if/when I have to block this.

I will definitely keep you updated on my progress! And hopefully my next non-YouTube-episode-show-notes post will be a finished object!


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